ISA Server  

Microsoft ISA Server - ISA Server 2000 provides secure, fast, and manageable Internet connectivity. ISA Server integrates an extensible, multilayer enterprise firewall and a scalable high-performance Web cache.

Windows2000.About.com - Probably the most comprehensive site on the Internet for Windows 2000 and Windows NT information, resources, software, reviews, news and support. They recently launched an 'ISA Server' section with links to hundreds of ISA Server tutorials, articles etc...

LABmice.net - The definitive online resource for IT Professionals who deploy, manage, and support Microsoft Windows 2000 products and services. They recently launched a section dedicated to ISA Server.

MSisafaq.de - Msisafaq.de is a German ISA Server site with step-by-step tutorials and frequently asked questions, all written in German. Main focus is on needs of German small and medium infrastructure.

ISAServer.it - ISAServer.it is an Italian ISA Server site with forums, articles, step-by-step guides, all written in Italian and with a dedicated section of translated articles from ISAServer.org. Our focus is on Italian SMBusiness Infrastructure.

Toolzz.com - A variety of helpful ISA server tools and utilities available for download as well as links to other resources including security guides.

ISATools.org - One of the most comprehensive public ISA Server toolbox on the net. Most tools are written by Jim Harrison, but some are offerings from the ISA user base.

ISAscripts.org - Free scripts and security resources for ISA administrators.

ISAserver.org Discussion List - Discuss your ISA Server issues with other ISA Server experts through email.



WindowSecurity.com - Windows security site which provides Windows security news, articles, tutorials, software listings and reviews for information security professionals covering topics such as firewalls, viruses, intrusion detection and other security topics.

Security Forums - Security portal and forums covering operating system and network security through to troubleshooting and vulnerabilities.

GFISecurityLabs - GFISecurityLabs is the in-house security research division of GFI. It has developed several free security services including EmailSecurityTest & EventLogScan and features security news & whitepapers.

Computerworld's Security Knowledge Center - Provides breaking news articles, features, analysis and commentary on issues of interest to IT professionals. Among the topics included are corporate network security, cybercrime, firewalls, privacy, security holes, viruses and worms.

Firewall.cx - Contains information on basic/advanced networking concepts, Protocols (IP, DNS, FTP, ICMP etc.), Routing protocols, Ethernet, Routers, Firewalls, DMZ, Security, Subnetting, Supernetting, special sections with networking software, documents and projects for you to download from.

Wilders.org - The ultimate security website. Reviews, (free) tools and services, and more, as well as free support

McAfee Security - Virus Information Library - Detailed information on viruses, with updates on the latest threats, how to remove them and other virus related info.

Dutch Security Information Network - An international Dutch view upon the networking and security world. DSInet.org provides its visitors with information, files, tools, news items, columns, opinions and an editorial view upon the genre in general. A fresh start.

eBCVG.com - Security portal and forums covering operating system and network security through to troubleshooting and vulnerabilities.

AuditMyPC - Free online firewall testing UDP and TCP.

GovernmentSecurity.org - Computer and network security articles and hacking prevention resources for the government.


Windows 2000, 2003, XP & .NET  

ServerFiles.com - ServerFiles.com is THE software directory for network administrators and IT professionals who are looking for networking & server software for Windows 2000/NT & .NET. It’s significantly different from other download/software sites in that it does not focus on single user software.

NTfaxFAQ.com - A comprehensive and unbiased listing of Fax server software and gateways for Windows NT. Contains detailed information regarding latest fax software for servers.

MicrosoftSearchEngine.com - A search engine that focuses on Microsoft server and .NET technology!Includes links to every web page that has Microsoft Server or .NET information. An easy to navigate site designed for the senior Microsoft administrators, developers and decision makers.

NThelp - Technical tips for Windows NT/W2K/XP and a newsgroup dedicated to support of NT and NT Applications geared for the experienced admin.

Is-It-True.org - Tips and tricks for Windows NT / Windows 2000 admins and users including registry hacks, security tips, book recommendations. Hacking oriented data is presented to support NT / W2K admin's penetration testing.

NTCompatible.com - The Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP compatiblity site with news, compatibility lists, FAQs, and support forums

NTutility.com - Improve the efficiency and security of your networks with these applications designed for Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP

NetServerWorld - .NET Server World. The best place for news, information, tips and tricks about Microsoft's flagship operating system, Windows .NET Server

ADSSupport.net - The best source for dedicated, free, Active Directory support, information and advice, offering forums, articles, advice and much much more.

Only4Gurus - Delivers information and documentation which will help coders and IT professionals to get the most out of Microsoft products.

SearchWin2000.com - The Web’s best Windows 2000-specific information resource for enterprise IT professionals

dotNETD2D.com - Includes .NET code tips, complete list of .NET developer products, most every .NET service and training company, links to all .NET web sites and communities, and many discussion forums.


Microsoft Exchange  

Microsoft.com - http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/- Official Microsoft website for Exchange Server

MSExchange.org - Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and Outlook resources, such as tutorials, message boards, 3rd party addons, certification, FAQs and more...

SearchExchange.com - SearchExchange.com, the source for news and tips on Microsoft Exchange and Outlook administration


www.petri.co.il - MCSEworld by Daniel Petri is one of the most comprehensive MCSE and IT related web sites. With hundreds of Windows 2000, NT, XP and Exchange 2000 related tips, tricks and how-to articles, MCSEworld has become one of the world's leading MCSE and IT related knowledge bases.

MC MCSE - One of the oldest and most popular certification websites providing free MCSE/MCSA, A+, Network+, i-Net+, CIW and Cisco certification practice tests, study guides, forums and many other resources.

MCSEguide.com - Free Sample Tests, Study Guides, Book Reviews, Forums for MCSE, Windows 2000, Novell, Checkpoint,A+/N+, Lotus, Linux and Oracle. Sign up for our FREE Windows 2000, CCNA and Network+ question of the day E-mails.

TelecomPricer - Study resources for the MCSE exams.

2000Trainers.com - The free online learning site for system administrators. Free tutorials, practice exams, courses, articles, and discussion forums relating to SQL Server, Exchange Server, and Windows 2000.

2000Tutor.com - Technology Information for the New Millennium - Contains free Windows 2000 Resources, Practice Exams, Book Reviews and the Internet's Most Popular Certification Discussion Board.

MCSE Directory - The directory of the best free MCSE resources on the web - study guides, tests and a whole lot more.

Sasasite.com - Certification Community (used to be go.to/newcheckpoint). Originally created by Thomas Leuthard. Updated by Sasa. Kept alive by you.

HarCon.NET - Devoted to all hard working students seeking MCSA / MCSE / CCSA / CCSE certifications, IT Staff or Security Engineers and it focuses on two main subjects, Microsoft OS and Network Security.




General IT & Networking  


Features a wealth of tutorials on various Windows networking related topics such as setting up Windows NT/XP/2000/2003 networks, troubleshooting, connectivity and more. Also includes a comprehensive archive of reviewed networking software.



Industry experts provide strategies, tips and best practices for designing, implementing and securing complex, enterprise-level networks.



The computing and networking knowledge centre.



A premier directory for computer technology and related tutorials, subjects, and websites providing dynamic user ratings and hit counts to all links. All link submissions are free.



Tools, tips, and resources for network administrators.


5StarSupport.com - Receive free technical assistance in real time or via the support forums. Also includes a wealth of tutorials, tips, tricks and FAQs that address most common computer issues.


SearchNetworking.com - Networking news, tips and advice for enterprise IT professionals.

SharePointD2D.com - Includes SharePoint code and WebPart tips, complete list of SharePoint third party products, almost every SharePoint service and training company, links to all SharePoint web sites and communities, and many mentored discussion forums with 24 hour response.

Free Online Security Tests  

Email Security Testing Zone - Test whether your email system is vulnerable to email viruses and attacks! The zone allows visitors to freely discover instantly if their system is secure against current and future email threats, such as emails containing infected attachments, emails with malformed MIME headers, HTML mails with embedded scripts and much more!

Event Log Scanner - Check for high security events happening on your machine, such as users logging on to your machine, accesses to important files on your machine, failed logon attempts, security policy changes to your machine, and more! Use EventLogScan to check that your system is truly secure with our free online intrusion detection solution!

Online Trojan Scanner - Trojan horses are a huge security threat. Use this free online tool from WindowSecurity.com to scan your computer for known Trojans


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Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition



Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition


Unify Enterprise Edition redefines user provisioning and access control software for Microsoft Active Directory, MS Exchangeincluding Distribution List/Group Management, Office Communications Server (OCS), Google Apps, and mobility applications such as BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Windows Mobile. Ensim Unify is a complete suite of tools that allows organizations to decrease operating costs, improve workforce effectiveness, and meet security and compliance goals.Ensim Unify Enterprise provides change management, automated provisioning, mobile and client device configuration,delegated administration, and resource optimization, all via an easy to use role-based Web portal



View Demo



Network and Systems Management Software for MSPs and IT Professionals



Network and Systems Management Software for MSPs and IT Professionals


Managed Service Providers

N-able combines the top-rated MSP network and systems management (NSM) applications with industry-leading business and technical services to form a complete, scalable solution for providing highly profitable managed services to SMBs. Deliver 90% of your services remotely, drive down costs, generate recurring revenue and provide greater value to your customers. Learn more about our solutions for managed service providers


IT Professionals

Designed for midsize companies with a distributed infrastructure, hundreds of employees located across multiple sites, our network and systems management (NSM) software sets the standard for delivering centralized IT services remotely and cost-effectively. Generate rapid ROI by automating tasks, cutting costs and boosting productivity and service levels – then report these improvements to management with ease. Learn more about our solutions for IT professionals


N-central Technology Demo

In an extensive review, CRN magazine rated N-central the #1 IT automation and managed services software. Now you can see the features that convinced CRN's Test Center engineers that N-central is the best remote monitoring and management solution available. Simply choose to view either a Live Demo or Recorded Demo of N-central. Each demo provides a comprehensive overview of N-central's key features.


Elfiq SitePathMTPX Resilience Demonstration

The Elfiq Approach

Elfiq Networks is recognized for its innovative and refreshing approach to the link balancing product category. Through extensive research and development, a better method of balancing has been conceived enabling a true inline business continuity appliance which will keep your organization running, even if the unit loses power.  That is what we like to call "Building Smarter Networks". This approach based on handling link management at Layer-2 of the OSI model combined with Elfiq’s exclusive feature set enables benefits for any organization requiring management of multiple telecommunications circuits.   Through this integration the Primary Link concept was developed to bring integration into existing networks into a new level of simplicity and efficiency. Benefits of this approach include:

Lowest implementation costs

Lightning-fast throughput

Maximum equipment uptime

Maximum uptime