Ensim first to demonstarte Management support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Beta

Ensim First to Demonstrate Management Support For Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Beta


Santa Clara, CA – June 22, 2009 — Ensim Corporation, the leading provider of change management, user provisioning and access control software, today announced it is the first company in its market segment to successfully demonstrate support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft’s highly anticipated Exchange Server release.

Within weeks of the Exchange Server 2010 public beta release, Ensim updated its Unify Enterprise Edition – a suite of integrated software management tools that combine user provisioning with role-based, delegated administration, and change management – to support the Exchange 2010 beta.

“Our rapid support for the latest Microsoft infrastructure, including the Exchange 2010 beta, is a testament to the deep technical expertise and flexible product architecture that characterizes Ensim’s award-winning suite of Microsoft management tools,” said David J. Wippich, president and CEO of Ensim Corporation.

Exchange 2010 is the first server in Microsoft’s new generation of server technology that is capable of running on-premises and as a hosted service. This release includes a new integrated e-mail archive as well as a host of new features designed to help lower communications costs and improve user productivity. A public beta of the server was released in April, with the full version expected out in the second half of 2009.

Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition enables organizations to leverage the complete functionality of MS Exchange in a role-based model using their existing IT policy and allows Exchange system administrators to enable delegated administration of any complex management functions to help desk, HR personnel, and end users on a selective basis via an easy-to-use web-based portal. From mailbox rights delegation and distribution group management to multi-mailbox searches with no administrative level accounts required, Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition helps decrease costs for IT budgets.

Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition for Exchange Server 2010 will be publicly available following Microsoft’s official release of Exchange 2010. For more information or to view a demo, visit
http://www.ensim.com/movies/Exchange2010.swf or call Ensim at 1-8... (1-4... from outside the U.S.).

About Ensim Corporation
Founded in 1998, Ensim Corporation is the leading provider of user provisioning and access management software. Ensim products are used by service providers and enterprises worldwide to accelerate and enable deployment of integrated solutions, simplify and automate secure management of complex environments, and increase user and IT productivity. Ensim has over two million users under management and is Microsoft Gold Certified. For more information, visit
www.ensim.com or contact Ensim at 1-877-693-6746 or 1-408-496-3700 outside the United States.

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Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition



Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition


Unify Enterprise Edition redefines user provisioning and access control software for Microsoft Active Directory, MS Exchangeincluding Distribution List/Group Management, Office Communications Server (OCS), Google Apps, and mobility applications such as BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Windows Mobile. Ensim Unify is a complete suite of tools that allows organizations to decrease operating costs, improve workforce effectiveness, and meet security and compliance goals.Ensim Unify Enterprise provides change management, automated provisioning, mobile and client device configuration,delegated administration, and resource optimization, all via an easy to use role-based Web portal



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Network and Systems Management Software for MSPs and IT Professionals


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