N-compass Performance reporting software to demonstrate the value of your IT services



N-compass – IT Performance Reporting

N-compass is the premier business and IT reporting solution used by IT service organizations and MSPs to demonstrate the performance of network infrastructure under their management and the value they deliver. With the new release of version 3.0, N-compass is better than ever with simplified custom IT report authoring, extended time-based SLA functionality and powerful IT performance reports that make it easier to track assets and justify hardware and software upgrades.

Available as an optional add-on to N-able's N-central on-premise network monitoring and remote systems management solution, N-compass provides easy-to-generate and easy-to-read IT performance reports, including a scorecard-based executive-level summary. Armed with these reports, MSPs can help customers make better, more informed capacity planning decisions by enabling them to view and quickly understand IT performance data. The result: boost client satisfaction and become a trusted advisor to clients.  Likewise, IT professionals in midsize businesses can also use N-compass reports to build effective business cases in support of hardware and software planning and upgrades. View the N-compass report library.

Looking strictly for operational reporting? N-central offers a built-in tactical reporting engine to simplify troubleshooting and value delivery. Learn more about N-central Report Library.


  • Maintain and increase service levels
    Quickly generate reports that evaluate mission-critical business services – such as email, network and security – to ensure they are performing according to their service level agreements.
  • Build the role of trusted advisor
    Leverage N-compass reports to establish the role of trusted advisor by demonstrating your business value and communicating hidden gems of business-critical information to customers. The more value, the more differentiated your company and service.
  • Leverage N-compass as a sales tool
    Fuel your upsell efforts by comparing the downtime costs between various levels of responsive, proactive and managed services.
  • Better plan customer IT Investment
    Generate trend-based historical reports to help customers make better business decisions and plan future IT investments that impact the success of their business.


N-compass provides a simple-to-use reporting user interface that is seamlessly integrated and synchronized with N-central. It leverages the data collected by N-central to create reports that reflect the impact that your services are having on the customer's IT infrastructure and overall business performance.

Long-term Data Retention
Operating independently from N-central on its own offline database, N-compass features extended data retention, which enables IT professionals to generate year-over-year reports and satisfy certain regulatory requirements pertaining to long-term data availability.

Time-based SLA reporting
Perform high-precision IT performance assessment using time-based SLA functionality. This allows you to report on IT infrastructure performance for any given time period covered under the SLA.

Detailed analysis of key metrics
Track performance against any monitored service metric for the purposes of business impact and predictive analysis. Use this insight to help customers make informed IT investments and improve efficiencies, positioning your company as a trusted adviser.

Custom report authoring
Using report editors that support Microsoft Reporting Services, you can create reports that leverage the data from within the N-compass data warehouse or from any data source accessible from within Microsoft SQL Server. This functionality allows you to customize the value-based reporting that you provide to your customers.

Extensive report library
N-compass' 25 pre-built reports allow you to rapidly gather and communicate vital IT and business information from a range of areas, including network availability, reliability, utilization, regulatory compliance and asset reporting.
Visit the N-compass report library.

Scheduling and delivery
Accessible from within the report console, the report scheduler allows you to view reports, reschedule, modify report parameters and remove scheduled reports. Reports can be sent to a shared drive or local file system or email.

Report branding
Extend your brand throughout N-compass reports. Brand control exists in four places on each report – the header image, the footer image, the top right image and the title page image.


N-compass is unique in the IT management space, offering an offline reporting solution that resides on its own server and is solely dedicated to giving IT service organizations the power to demonstrate IT management value. While seamlessly integrated and synchronized with N-able's N-central network and systems management solution, N-compass' stand-alone server architecture means that there is no impact on N-central's performance. Fast report generation, multi-stakeholder reports and the ability to create custom reports ensure that N-compass provides more comprehensive reporting capabilities than those offered through a standard IT management platform.

  • High-powered reporting engine
    An offline tool that is seamlessly integrated with N-able's N-central network and systems management solution, N-compass ships with 25 pre-built reports that you can use as is or leverage to create unique custom reports. Use it to report on key service performance metrics such as uptime, capacity and security. Automatically collect data from multiple N-central servers and build aggregate IT performance reports.
  • Ease of Implementation
    N-compass can be quickly set-up and configured, is auto-upgradeable, and has seamless access to N-central to help increase IT technician utilization rates and lower the cost of service delivery.
  • Comprehensive reporting
    N-compass provides extensive reporting capabilities that allow you to leverage pre-defined reports, and create unique customer reports to demonstrate business value to customers.
  • Multi-stakeholder reports
    Communicate vital information to executive, management, operational and technical stakeholders, as well as external parties such as auditors.

Reporting Library

N-compass ships with 25 pre-built reports that allow you to rapidly gather and communicate vital business information from a range of areas, including network availability, reliability, utilization, regulatory compliance and asset reporting. These strategic and technical reports assist you in demonstrating the performance of IT infrastructure from a business and tactical perspective by showing events that have occurred, items that require proactive maintenance and information used to maintain compliance with SLAs and regulatory requirements.


  • Application Availability Report
    Supports availability analysis of individual services and service groupings. The report's benefit is it gives an overall assessment of service availability by device.
  • Availability Comparison Report
    Empowers you to demonstrate the availability of a set of devices and services in two ways:

1. Compare the availability of the current period with a previous period. This allows you to do trending analysis for early detection of availability issues before they affect customers and SLAs.

2. Support your upsell efforts by comparing the device availability for customers at different service levels.

  • Capacity Planning Report
    Use this report to identify devices approaching utilization limits. This allows you to take proactive action to prevent system failures and correct performance issues while also helping to justify and appropriately plan hardware upgrades.
  • CCM Call Activity Report
    Displays trend analysis recorded by a Cisco Call Manager (CCM) on your customers' VoIP implementation.
  • CCM Server Performance Report
    Provides resource utilization metrics including CPU, disk, physical and virtual memory for Cisco Call Manager Servers.
  • Cisco Call Manager Summary Report
    Summarizes your customers' VoIP implementation as recorded by CCM. This includes call activity, server performance, resource registration, utilization and trunks.
  • Data Protection Report
    Logs the status of the backup jobs at a customer site. This report gives a detailed log of all monitored jobs and translates the backup return codes to full detailed results, giving the organization assurance that their backup system is functional.
  • Downtime Cost Impact Report
    Demonstrates the costs associated with a service downtime for a given time period and the cumulative costs for the entire period.
  • Event Log Reports
    Provides a series of four reports offering different ways for you to report on events in order to meet regulatory requirements that require detailed auditing.
  • Executive Summary Report
    Delivers a scorecard-based information view to your customers on the business value of the service provided. The scorecard format quickly demonstrates to busy customer executives that your service is providing business value and meeting/exceeding service level agreements.
  • Firewall Incident Trend Report
    Illustrates the history of incident activity for your customer's firewall. This includes a daily assessment of the firewall incident activity and breakdown by severity.
  • Hardware Inventory Report
    Summarizes hardware assets on a customer's network and can be filtered to show all discovered devices, specific device classes or devices by folder. The report can be tailored to display varying levels of detail by selecting preferred asset information.
  • Hardware Upgrade Planning Report
    Allows users to select minimum hardware requirements and run a report displaying all devices not meeting those minimum configurations. Parameters can be set for CPU type, physical memory and disk capacity as well as warranty and lease expiration.
  • Managed Devices SLA Report
    Use this as a reference to show which devices you will and won't be responsible for monitoring under an SLA. It also serves as proof that your monitoring system is correctly configured.
  • Network Health Overview Report
    Gives an assessment of the customer's network based on total availability, performance and other critical factors. Total activity shows actual uptime for the specified service groupings. Performance identifies server, workstation and bandwidth utilization as well as traffic. Critical factors include a summary of security, backup and incident-tracking metrics.
  • Notification Summary Report
    Use this report to support two key tasks:

1. By selecting all customers, you can determine which ones are consuming large amounts of technician time.

2. By selecting one customer, you can demonstrate value to your customer by showing events that occurred.

  • Patch Level Summary Report
    Displays patch level analysis by status or type for selected devices. This provides a risk overview of the patch status within the customer's networks.
  • Remote Control Usage Report
    Built to complement the remote management capabilities in N-central through Remote Support Manager and Remote Environment Manager, this report provides tangible insight into the value of remediation work being performed on a customer site and helps organizations ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Software Inventory Report
    Summarizes software assets within a customer's network and can be filtered to show all discovered software or all devices with particular software present.
  • Technical Summary Report
    Provides a technical summary of performance data for mission-critical network devices. These include service utilization, service availability and notifications. Service utilization displays utilization metrics which include CPU, disk, physical and virtual memory and traffic. Service availability displays the service uptime as a per cent. Notifications provide a summary of the incident alerts for a specified time period.
  • Traffic Usage Report
    Features two graphs depicting traffic utilization over the reporting period as well as incoming and outgoing traffic. This helps you to identify network usage patterns and bottlenecks, providing insight for network infrastructure upgrades.
  • Utilization Comparison Report
    Displays a detailed comparison of the CPU, disk, physical and virtual memory usage of one or more servers over time. This report can optionally include a comparison with an earlier time period for trending analysis. This helps track server usage and can be used to support future growth planning and related budgeting.

Sample Reports


System Requirements


Processor: Minimum Pentium 4 (3 GHz) or equivalent
Memory: Minimum 2 GB (4+ GB recommended)
Hard Drive Space: N-compass 3.0 requires a minimum of 100 GB for a dedicated data partition.
This will allow N-compass to:

  • Import data from an N-central server that monitors up to 5,000 services
  • Retain data for up to 1.5 years

Important Notes

  • N-compass can run in physical or virtual environments
  • Scalability will vary depending on hardware performance, system configuration and environmental variances


Operating System (one of the following required)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition

Database System Supported (one of the following required)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2

Important Note

  • 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are supported


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Network and Systems Management Software for MSPs and IT Professionals


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